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Who do I contact to check the status of my order?

You can email info@mbsturgis.com or call (888) 291-6665 and ask for Ren Thompson.

I need to replace my natural gas hose on my BBQ grill, but I don’t know what size I need.

Three possible ways to figure this out. (1) Lay the hose over a ruler or tape measure. If the hose is 5/8” wide it is a 3/8” ID hose. If the hose measures ¾” wide, it is a 1/2” ID hose. (2) Measure the internal diameter of the quick disconnect. The 3/8” hose will fit a quick disconnect with a 5/8“ internal diameter and the ½” hose will fit a quick disconnect with a 3/4“ diameter. (3) If the quick disconnect is an MB Sturgis Inc Quick Disconnect, the 3/8” will have the numbers “375” on the retractable sleeve and the ½” will have “Model 4” on the retractable sleeve.

I do not have a natural gas hose for my BBQ Grill (or other outdoor appliance). What size hose and quick disconnect do I need?

To see a hose sizing chart in relation to BTU's, please see the Hose Sizing Chart under Documents in the Media & Resources section of this web site.

A squirrel or small critter ate through my hose. What can I do to keep this from happening again?

We offer all of our LP & Natural Gas hoses with a 98% coverage stainless steel overbraid. This will keep the small critters from chewing through the hose and provides great protection from the elements.

How do I now what size and what type of thread or quick disconnect plug I have on the end of my hose.

See our QD Plug and Adapter guide under “Documents”. You will be able to print the page and use a real size scale to match up your connecting part.

I need a longer/shorter hose. Can MB Sturgis make a hose any length?

Yes, we can customize any length required up to 100'.

What is your lead time to ship my order? 

Under normal circumstances, most orders ship out within 24-48 hours. However, due to our vast product line with many various options and lengths, we may be required to build the item(s) which could prolong the order another 24 hours. Large order volumes, weather conditions or circumstances beyond our control, could also cause a delay in a shipment. As we foresee any of these circumstances potentially delaying your order, we will email you immediately with an estimated ship date. If you require an item Next Day Air, please contact us at (314) 329-7747 or (314) 363-1681.

I have a quick disconnect on my camper and I need a hose to plug into this quick disconnect and run my camp stove that normally takes a throw away 1# cylinder. Do you make this?

Yes. The part number you are looking for is a 100476. Please go to our RV & Camping Hoses page of our web site.

. I have an extend-a-stay on my motor coach, but I want to use quick disconnects instead of having to use wrenches and tools. Do you make something like this?

Yes. We have plenty of options for your needs for the quick disconnects and the hoses that will mate with each system.

I would like to have a longer hose to go from my dual propane tanks to my automatic changeover regulator. Do you make longer hoses?

.We can make any hose in any length required. We can also add stainless steel overbraid to protect the hose and extend the life of the hose.

Will MB Sturgis make a custom assembly specific to my application?

Absolutely! We take pride in working with our customers, no matter how big or small, to satisfy the individual needs or requirements.