Welcome to Calóre Equipment


Calóre Equipment was originated out of a growing need for knowledge and expertise to provide solutions to gas connection needs in today's online world. We have found that many end users do not have a full understanding of the gas connector industry and get very frustrated while shopping for gas products online. Too often, the end users of natural gas and propane equipment know what they want to do with their equipment, but just don't know to get there safely and efficiently. Tat's where we come in! We have spent 25+ years in the gas connection industry and we have gained a thorough understanding of any and all gas applications including BBQ Grills, Recreational Vehicles, Roofing Torches, Crawfish Burners, Stand-by Generators, Commercial Kitchen Appliances, Camping Stoves, & Patio Heaters.

We have tried to make you online shopping experience easier with very descriptive product information for each item on our site. If additional information is needed, browse our Media & Resources section where you can find drawings, pictures, flow charts, or even print out an actual size end fitting chart to help understand what size end fitting you need for your application. If you still can't find what you are looking for, call us and we will listen to your needs, apply our expertise, determine a solution, and find the right products or systems to ensure you can connect your gas appliance quickly & safely.